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Reviews of Ship of Magic (1998)

Review by lord kallor (2004-12-18)
After the good impression the Farseer trilogy left on me i expected something different but just as good, as opposed to just different.

The plot is not that engrossing, and it is does not explain some events very well, often rather confusing. Also there are few refereces to the Farseer Trilogy, making it seem like it's not even set on the same world.

With some of the most anoying charecters in any book I have ever read (bar Elayne in the Wheel of Time series) this book is recomended only for diehard Hobb fans. 6/10

Review by alanhunt (2004-03-29)
While not a horrible book, this was definately not up to the level of her earlier "Assassin" series. The characters were too whiny and two dimensional for my taste, and the plot fairly predictable. I liked it enough that I will probably finish the series, but not enough to recommend it to my friends.

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