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Reviews of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the (1979)

Review by wylrpnufh (2007-03-15)
I thought this book was magnificent. Defiantly my favorite of the series. It is true though. I don't think there is much gray area for this book though. I don't know anyone who thought it was 'just okay'. They either loved it, or hated it. I really like the way it's written, too. Adams just has this writing style that I like.

Review by guessswho (2006-09-15)
(There is no way to have H2G2 spoilers, as nothing important happens.)
There is no plot to H2G2, but don't let that stop you from reading this epic series of jokes. From the Vogons (3rd worst poetry in the known universe) to Marvin the depressed robot, this spoof of all things sci-fi, and just about everything else, as well, is an absolute must-read.

Review by neko_cam (2005-04-09)
This seems to be one of those few books which you'll either hate - with a passion - or love so much you have to buy it. While not a big fan of Sci-fi books... or comedy books, actually... this proves to exist as both a Sci-fi and Comedy book simultaneously - without being devoted entirely to either. The characters, situations, events and concepts are all astoundingly original and entertaining. The sense of humour is satirical and occasionally too out-there to fully comprehend without reading the excerpt aloud. I thoroughly enjoyed 'THHGTTG' and recommend it to anyone with an intrest in Sci-fi (not fanatics, though), comedy, or learning how to fly in 2 easy steps! -N

Review by clong (2005-02-10)
OK, so I finally broke down and read this book, and I'd have to say. . . Huh? It's reasonably entertaining, and offers a few rather amusing concepts, but I can't really understand how it could inspire such a rabid, devoted following. Maybe I would have liked it more if I read it as a teenager? I might pick up the subsequent books at the library, but they will hardly go to the top of my "to be read" list.

Review by ropie (2005-01-12)
This book is famous for its memorable characters and wealth of interesting ideas. The chances are whilst reading it for the first time that you'll come across a character or idea that you already knew about, but didn't realise he/she/it originated in this book!

Far from perfect however, it does suffer in places from a few weak jokes that are drawn out over one or more pages. There is also, as others have noted, a sense of it all being over before it's begun. But then it is only the first part of a trilogy.

An enjoyable and easy read, the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is also largely very funny and quite irritating.

Review by shortexistance (2004-02-25)
After reading this book I can say that it is the first book that i actually read, put down, paused, and absolutly had to read again. Adam's humor and writing style is like no other, and after the first chapter you will agree. It may be a short read but that only adds to the reasons that you HAVE TO read this book.

Review by freejazz (2003-11-07)
so some people really like this book and some people don't...
read the book and decide for your self, as least try the first few chapters and see if you are addicted.
also first 3 books in the series are all good, 4th not so much, and iv been told by many people to definattly not read the 5th as it even ruins some of the experience.

Review by teichman (2003-11-05)
Major waste of time. Very dissapointing. I finally got around to reading this whole series and I urge everyone NOT to waste your time. I kept reading, and reading, and reading, waiting for it to get interesting, waiting to discover why it is so supposedly great. It's not interesting, it's not great. It's barely funny here and there, but overall a major waste of my time. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Review by bkedryna (2003-03-12)
I too was disappointed with this book. It just wasn't THAT funny, and the ridiculous story and events, satirical or not, were just not that interesting. It's simply not my thing. I love comedy and I love science fiction, but to me this book is neither.
I would compare this to Terry Pratchett's works - too childish/ridiculous to be called science fiction even though the main theme is cheap sci-fi/fantasy -like. There might be some wisdom and hidden meanings and satire in here, and it might be a decent book in general, but it's not a good science-fiction book.

Review by krypt (2003-03-08)
One of the greatest novels ever written. Unique blend of science fiction and comedy, will make you laugh, think, cry, laugh again, and possibly teach you how to fly. Read with Caution.

Review by psychofurryewok (2003-03-08)
An absolutely amazing hunk of comedy. Douglas Adams' first book, Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is an absolute masterpiece. It's witty responses and off-the-wall ideas definately rank it at the top of my list of comedy books.

Review by lmagarga (2003-03-08)
You could unashamedly say this is the best, and only, book of its genre. A unique combination of light hearted science fiction, farcical English humor, and bizarre characters. A short, very entertaining read.

Review by flagman (2003-03-08)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is an excellent example of a wacky sci-fi adventure story. It is by no means a deep work; but then again, it doesn't have to be. It's a comedy, not a social commentary. The book's overblown characters coping with an absurd universe are more than enough to warrant a read.

Review by myenigmaself (2003-03-07)
After hearing nothing but good things about HHGttG I decided to read it, holding high expectations. Maybe these expectations were my problem. Maybe the fact that I read merely the first book in the series was the problem. Either way, reading this book left me feeling unfulfiled: almost empty. I was hoping to gain some insight into the human condition, but instead found merely a work of fiction that didn't provoke much thought. The story was entertaining and I would even call it "good," but not what I was looking for.

Review by klsnyders (2003-03-07)
Adams maintains a loopy, absurd tone, and combines it with excellent pacing to create an extremely funny book. Good use of aliens, and ineffectual civil servants to create very amusing social commentary.

Review by pro-mpd (2003-03-07)
HHGtG is one of the funniest books I have ever read. It is especially a good read for anyone who is deeply interested in science fiction or those who are trying to get into science fiction. The Guide has may satirical references to sci-fi cliches, which appear again and again in science fiction: computers, the universe, aliens, and so many more that I couldn't possibly mention them all. I have noticed, as I have read more sci-fi, that much of what Adams pokes fun at truly does show up in many books/stories/novels, etc. On the one hand, the Guide is a funny read for anyone interested in science fiction. On the other hand, it is a masterfully crafted satirical commentary on science fiction writing in general, and helps to show just how ridiculous some elements are by taking them to the extreme.

Review by trurl (2003-03-02)
I rated this rather high simply because it was a book ahead of it's time in almost everyway, reading it now can be a little pendatic, but that is because they story is SO ingrained by now.

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