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Reviews of In at the Death (2007)

Review by johnafair (2007-09-04)
Although touted as the 4th and final (in what was originally a trilogy) about the ongoing conflict that has seen Turtledove tell the history of a world similar yet so different from our own, I was rather doubtful two thirds through as to how he would be able to finish it off within what remained of the book and it does require what is in effect a deux-ex-machina (not to mention a load of nuclear bombs).

The book is a good page turner, though it was difficult to read great wodges in one go, mainly due to the realistic nature of the action and people - not a comfortable read by any stretch of the imagination :-)

Although the series has sort of been left open, any new series would be rather to similar to the middle series, American Empire, to make it worthwhile continuing in my opinion.

(This review refers to the 2007 version titled “In at the Death”)

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