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Reviews of Gunslinger, the (1982)

Review by christopherborne (2006-03-06)
This is no doubt one of Mr. King's greatest novels. Set in a dying word remininscent to the Old West, the last gunslinger is on an epic journey to the Dark Tower and is on an chase for the Man in Black. The novel is a unburdensome read, in that since much akin to his great Eyes of the Dragon. His subtle blend of adventurism and satire are delightful. If you are going to read just one Stephen King novel, read this one.

Review by nosleep (2003-03-09)
This was the first Stephen King book I read, and has remained one of the best in my opinion. The writing in this volume of the dark tower series has a more dreamlike and surreal quality than the other books, but its surreal in a captivating way.

"The Man in Black fled across the desert, the gunslinger followed" and thus began the first volume in the series that would someday tie King's multitude of worlds together.

The hints at the nature of this world, Sheb the piano player banging out "Hey Jude" in Alice's piano bar in Tull. The gas pump labeled with the strange word "Amoco" and other little bits here and there make you wonder if this is some distant and horrible future for our world, or some world that ours could have been. To the main character, Roland, the last Gunslinger, there is only one simple and certain truth. The world has moved on, and to him, the tower is all that matters.

The Gunslinger pursues the mysterious conjurer "the Man in Black" across an inconcievably bleak landscape, during this pursuit, which we learn has spanned almost all of Roland's adult life, we witness the inner "hardness" that is the gunslinger's nature.

I highly recommend this series, especially now that the end is actually in sight. This first book alone will transport you into an exciting and powerful fantasy world unlike any you have read before.

Review by nzilla (2003-03-09)
This book is quite different from most of King's work. In my opinion the setting and characters aren't as fully developed as in his other works, but this is due to the radically different style of this book and because it is the first book in a long and as-of-yet uncompleted (well, fully published) series. This one is VERY trippy. 9/10

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