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Reviews of Disclosure (1994)

Review by ayk1987 (2005-06-14)
This is an interesting read from Crichton although different from his usual subject. When a man is wrongfully accused of sexual harassment he's given the option to tranfer out quietly or take it to the court where the odds are aginst him. What starts as a simple case turns out to have deeper connections in corporate politics and one who'll risk everything to find the truth.

Score: 8/10

Review by littlerubberfeet (2003-09-28)
Disclosure was written to make a point. Michael Crichton moved quite a ways away from his usual fare of aliens, dinosaurs, train robberies and mild horror to write a distinctly political book. I think this was a good thing.

When a man demands sex from a woman to promote her, the man would get fired...When a woman demands sex from a man to promote him, the man would get fired. Crichton is trying to make a point about the inequity of corporate gender politics, which he does quite well.

Moving away from the bland, almost lackluster plot, he managed to incorporate his usual style of thriller writing, which kept the plot from being a total bore. This book is a one-time read, light enough for a commute or trip, but still interesting. He made his point, and I hope he doesn't do this often, I much prefer train robberies to sex in an office.

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