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Reviews of Blaze (2007)

Review by StefanY (2007-08-23)
There is no doubt that this definitely has the feel of a Bachman book. As is true to the normal style of Kings novels attributed to Bachman, this novel is a gritty pared-down version of what you would normally expect from Stephen King. That is in no way saying that the book is bad, to the contrary, it was a very well-written and moving story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The thing that sets the tone of the Bachman entries apart from other works of King is that, while still very detailed and developed, his Bachman books tend to not stray as much from the main plot line into the extraneous details that are prevalent in so many of his other works. These asides are part of what makes a Stephen King book stand apart as a Stephen King book.

Blaze is a very fast paced read. We get some flashbacks into Blaze's past throughout the book, adding some color and flavor to the story. My only problem with the book was the placement of the final flashback. I think it would have served the book better to have it happen before (or even after) the final scene instead of having it right in the middle of the climax. It kind of slowed things down a bit too much at that point in the novel when tension was high and we were getting ready for the big bang.

Other than that, this "trunk novel" is a worthy addition to the King library and I highly recommend it.

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