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Reviews of Quantum Connection, the (2005)

Review by johnafair (2007-06-12)
This is a bit of a ho hum book; the action is reasonably well paced (except in that Question and, ah, no-answer section) and the technical development would have made EE Doc Smith weep in envy.

And unfortunately, it is this latter point that really annoyed me. Even Doc Smith's technicians only managed to put together a whole new technical base together over a few years. Taylor has his people doing the near impossible in hours and the merely difficult in seconds, with the help of some handwavium nanite technology that helped dig his characters out of the near impossible spots they found themselves in thereby wrecking the author's endpiece about the near viability of this technology.

Travis Taylor has written a number of non-fiction books on the necessity of defending the Earth from alien threats and this follows in a similar vein with two complete swines of aliens for his earth people to contend against.

(This review refers to the 2005 version titled “The Quantum Connection”)

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