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Reviews of 300 (1999)

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
I havenít seen the movie yet, so I thought that Iíd read the book before I went to see it. Of course, since itís a graphic novel, is was a fairly quick read. The art work is very different from comic book art that I am accustomed to. A muted color scheme really helps to set the tone for the book and great use of action move the story along without the need for a ton of dialog. Frank Miller definitely has his own style, a couple of times he lost me in what was going on, but after turning back a few pages and rereading, I figured out what he was trying to do with the story. Overall, I found it to be entertaining, but I definitely would not choose this medium over a traditional novel of the same story or subject matter. It was a nice change of pace though, and Iím glad that I got the feel of the graphic novel aspect before seeing the movie and having my perception skewed by it. I also think that itís one of those types of things that Iíll enjoy even more on a second reading. Iím sure that the second time through, Iíll naturally take more time to appreciate the art work instead of mainly concentrating on moving through the story.

Review by kanjisheik (2007-05-17)
A tale of glory. A tale of valour under unbelievable odds. A tale of a man who stood upto an emperor. Frank Miller's 300 is all of this, and much much more.. With catchy dialogues and brilliant artwork, Frank Miller gives us the ride of a lifetime. And Lynn's colours compliment the story beautifully. A true masterpiece; a graphic novel that will be remembered as the one that redefined the word "epic".

300 deals the battle at Thermopylae between the Spartan king Leonidas and his 300 men, against the numerous hordes of the Persian emperor Xerxes.

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