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Reviews of Stand, the (1978)

Review by psychorocknroll (2009-05-23)
I found this Stephen King's novel more enjoyable than the others I've read.
Only the idea of post apocalyptic life of people seems to be terribly interesting because of their psychological metamorphoses. People change even after the death of one close person, so what will happen to them after the death of everybody they knew?
The other thing I like is the plot. It resembles a tree. Many thin roots are gathering in a big thick trunk. That's exactly what's happening to the characters.
Well, I have only one little subjective complaint. Culmination. While I was reading first two thirds of the book I was thinking that culmination must be awesome. But it was just good. Nevertheless it's my personal opinion, maybe you will say it's great.
"Good" is what I can't say about the super ending. It says "Evil will never die until there are people on Earth".

So read and enjoy!

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
The Stand was an enjoyable book from start to finish for me. After being with these characters for 1100+ pages, it almost feels as if I have a personal relationship with them.
I know that King has an affinity for his Dark Tower series, and while I enjoy it immensely, I would still say that this is his best and most complete overall work in my opinion.

As always, King's character development is top notch, given the length of the book, these characters are even more developed than usual. As I said earlier, these characters are so genuine and real, that I felt that I had developed actual relationships with them.

This is not a pure horror novel. With The Stand, King has created much more. King has given us a character study containing some horror elements, inspirational human drama, suspense, action, a touch of romance, some humor, and an epic adventure on the grandest scale.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys good storytelling. There are some adult themes in the book and some language and events that some might find disturbing, so if you're easily offended, this may not be the book for you. Don't be daunted by the immense size of this book. King's narrative remains riveting from the beginning to the end.

One more thing, if you're planning to read this novel and really want to freak yourself out a little bit, wait until cold/flu season to start it. I know I had a little second thought in the back of my mind each time I heard a cough or a sneeze!

Review by raistlan316 (2005-09-13)
This is great classic Stephen King and I consider this to be his best novel. It's also his longest, so be prepared for a marathon and not a sprint, but the pages should just fly by regardless.

The trick with Stephen King is his attention to detail. Some people like it and some don't. I love his style of writting, but I have several friends that say he takes 3 pages to describe something someone else would in one paragraph (I feel this is a bit of an exageration though 8P ). If you like this, the Stand will be a work of art. If you don't avoid it like the plague (pun intended).

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
The Stand by Stephen King has been considered by many to be one of his greatest works. Sadly in my opinion this is very far from the truth. The enormous novel starts off as a simple story of catastrophe. The human race is infected by a plague is is quickly dieing at the waysides. Without giving too much away, this does not remain to be the main premise of the book and eventually it shifts to a story about the battle between the force of God and an a dark force led by "the walking dude".

I will get the good comments out of the way to begin with. The original premise of mankind dealing with a horrible plague is quite terrifying and Stephen King does depict this quite well. This does make the first 400 pages of the book go by quite fast. His character development is phenomenal to the point of pain, giving long-winded chapters describing characters that end up being unimportant and "short" living. That is my biggest complaint, the story was simply to long. Comprised of three books ranging from 200 to 500 pages a piece, it seems as though King cannot decide what story he is trying to tell. He pulls in new characters whenever he pleases and then just as quickly trows them into the trash bin. King makes the reader watch character after character grow and change and work , only to see them die abruptly and accomplish little to nothing. He spends hundreds of pages on seemingly pointless details, only to have major plot twists whizz by in a page or less. I found the ending most discouraging, which left the reader with the vague feeling that nothing of any significance had occurred in the last 1150 pages. Simply put, I would not suggest this book to anyone who I cared for in the least bit. I found it time consuming and pointless, and the only redeeming quality I have unearthed is that I managed to read five other books while trudging through this monstrosity. So if you wish to read King, I would suggest the Gunslinger instead.

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Review by lord kallor (2004-12-16)
A good book, full stop, but almost feels like 2 completly different books. Superflu and Good Vs Evil. There is no denying Steven King's scope and this is his masterpiece, but I cant help but feel it went downhill in the second half. The problem is that it is just too damn long. But on the pluss side both halves of the plot are good and with the extended/revised version, there are few holes (although this version feels like 3000+ pages!)
There is no denying the feeling this book envokes as an epic confrontation but thre is also no denying that this book would inspire epic dread at its ery sight to many people 8/10

Review by lafnlab (2003-07-20)
This is one of my favorite books. Normally, I'm not a big fan of Stephen King, but this work is rather extraordinary. It's very simple...Good vs. Evil. Of course, Good wins out, but filling 1000+ pages makes this an entertaining read. The first time I read it, I couldn't put it down and read it in a little over a day (okay, I had to put it down to sleep, but that was it).

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