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Reviews of Animal Farm (1945)

Review by tiagodna (2012-09-23)
Great book that portraits the ex-USRR failure in implementing communism as a political model through a La Fontaine fable.

Orwell is well know for addressing political views in his books.

Simple, small and very easy to read as it was written for the masses and not for the intellectuals.

Recommend that you read it!

(This review refers to the 1945 version titled “Animal Farm”)

Review by datovs (2012-05-24)
This George Orwell Classic is just that, a classical analogy of Communism and the practical faults that undermine the ideally perfect theory. Using animals on a farm as a way of sharing his view on Communism, Orwell manages to note most of the discrepancies and detriments of how Communist nations such as the Soviet Union began ideally perfect. With the inherent selfishness and corruption that is a part of humanity, it goes on to express why and how it lead to the demise of said regimes.
Animal Farm is a very easy read, but with a profound message that has a very strong anti-communist sentiment.

(This review refers to the 1945 version titled “Animal Farm”)

Review by wylrpnufh (2007-03-15)
I just re-read this book, for the first time in a few years. I read it when I was younger, and didn't understand some of the underlying meaning. With the pigs being 'more equal' than everyone else. A nice blend of Comedy, and Satire, it mixes perfectly.
Great Book, in my opinion, if you haven't read it, that is something you should really get on.

Review by crlacrosse (2006-01-23)
This is a great book. It is great how he uses animals to portray the Russian government. In a way it is scary to think that this is what could happen to us in America someday. A great piece of literture, and much better than the animated film. Some people dont give George Orwell enough credit. I think he is a superb writer and was very far ahead of his time when he wrote his books.

Review by lozzina (2004-01-22)
A really interesting satirical read, with humour added in. Recommended.

Review by marsobig (2003-07-24)
This is definitely a must read. Very short and full of laugh (and gasp) inducing scenes. I really enjoyed Orwell's simple writing style and the structure of the whole book is genius. I'm interested in reading about Trotsky, Stalin and communism now, thanks to this book. I'm also interested in diving back into 1984. I read it in high school but hardly remember it. Those were the ignorant days but no more. I'm marking a new chapter. Try to get the version with Ralph Steadman's (of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas fame) drawings.

Review by Jago360 (2003-03-08)
One of the greatest books I've ever read. Perhaps its greatest asset is its simplicity, serving to suck you in and keep you engaged while it gives its true meaning. It seems strange that such a short, simple book can be so meaningful and relevant, especially with seemingly silly characters and themes, and yet after almost sixty years it still serves to give you pause when you think about the state of the world today.

Review by lmagarga (2003-03-08)
The prototype one trick pony. A very simple, not particularly interesting, central theme dressed up in metaphor and wrongly hailed as deep commentary. Not particularly enjoyable to read, I think Mr. Orwell should simply have given a lecture series on the subject and saved legions of 8th graders the torment of having to read this thing.

Review by transient0 (2003-03-07)
Animal Farm is an amazing work on the nature of revolution. A perfect companion for Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. I've heard people say that Animal Farm is 1984 only shorter and with pigs. That's absurd, AF is about revolution, 1984 is about totalitarianism. Also, the plot, tone and characters bear no realtion to one another. The only similarity is that they are both political fiction.

Review by RomikQ (2003-03-07)
A great book, which, while it is funny and entertaining, also bears much historical, social and philosophical value. Every issue that occurs on the animal farm has a coinciding event in history books, so as one reads the book, he rediscovers history all over again.

Review by garibald (2003-03-07)
Orwell wrote this book as a metaphor for the Communist Revolution. Each animal representing a different group of people or mentalities of people. The Work Horses being the common laborers which all industry is based off of, and so forth. The book is extremely short but, in my opinion, fantastic, hilarious, biting satire that rings true even today. One of the books that every thinking person should at least read once in their life, even if they don't agree with the message conveyed.

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