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Reviews of 'Salem's Lot (1975)

Review by robokop (2009-07-26) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

I've read several Stephen King books throughout the years but I'd have to say there is just something different about this book that I enjoyed. It is very character driven more than it being a "horror" novel. To tell the truth it wasn't that scary but that didn't matter. People weren't getting their throats ripped out and they didn't even die right after being bitten. It was very subtle and slow process for each person to become a member of the undead. They just appeared to be sick for a while (like they just caught the West Nile virus or something). After that the problem just multiplies with every new victim.

It is the characters and setting that make this book great. The writing is wonderful. It is definitely one of my favorite King books.

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
As is common in King's writing, this is another fine example of great character development and descriptive prose. The story itself is a fairly simple plot revolving around a small town being over-run by vampires.

What brings this out of the doldrums of it's simplistic storyline is King's flair for making even the humdrum interesting. His discriptions of the scene and his styling of each character's mannerisms draw you into the story. The suspense is also gradually built up and culminates in a very satisfying finale.

Salem's lot is a very enjoyable read and has not aged much over the years since it was written. Some things are of course dated, but that's only natural. I really had fun rereading it.

Review by chrismart83 (2006-03-09)
i really enjoyed this book. as usual with king the character development is great, and for me the whole story was very pleasing.the book contains strong main characters,therefore you really feel for them and care about them. although a good mini-series was developed from the book, i found the book even better. in my opinion ,one of kings best.

Review by wombat (2004-12-03)
Maybe if I had read this book when it was written I would have found it terrifying and creepy. As it is, I read it in 2002 and I was not very scared by it. It is definately dated and lots of the moments that are meant to feel chilling feel ho-hum to me. Still, not a bad book and as always, I loved the characters (Stephen King sure does love to write about authors though, doesn't he?)

Review by nzilla (2003-03-08)
This was King's second published book. A lot of people really like this one, but I don't really find it my favorite out of his work. It is a very good novel, but in my opinion it is merely a decent Stephen King novel. I think I found the concept a bit too archetypical for my taste, but a lot of people seem to like it. The characters and the setting are all wonderfully done, and King's wit is beggining to take shape, but I found that pacing a little odd. Overall a fun read, but not his absolute best. 8/10

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