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Reviews of Childhood's End (1953)

Review by ackatsis (2006-11-16)
This is a great science-fiction novel. The sheer scope of what Arthur C. Clarke was attempting here is simply breathtaking, as he ponders the universal effects of an "invasion" by intellectually-superior alien Overlords and the eventual fate of mankind.

I consider 'Childhood's End' to be one of Arthur C. Clarke's top three greatest books - alongside '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Rendezvous With Rama.' Highly recommended!

Review by ropie (2004-11-26)
In this, one of Clarke's earliest novels, the writing is initially thought provoking without lacking in elements of thrilling entertainment. However, large areas of the book seem contrived and too naive. This wouldn't matter if the wit and invention of the general plot were sustained throughout the book but unfortunately they aren't and the book faulters towards an interesting and, at times, awesome, but not entirely satisfying conclusion.

Review by Raukodraug (2003-03-27)
This is one of the best science fiction books I have ever read. Clarke masterfully draws the reader through the story to a conclusion and an epiphany that is seldom seen in science fiction.

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