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Reviews of Cradle (1989)

Review by nerdanel (2004-12-04)
I think Arthur C. Clarke must be ashamed of this book. Sure he got a bunch of money for little effort but his name ended up on the cover of an abysmal book he had contributed only some preliminary ideas into. The shameless hack Gentry Lee is guilty of the actual writing and plotting. In short, Cradle, a painful heap of overlong stupidity, may be the worst book I have ever read in its entirety, a fact which I sincerely regret.

Once upon a time there was me, a bright-eyed, little Arthur C. Clarke fan. Then Cradle came out and stole my innocence.

Review by branko (2003-06-23)
I guess the story of this book is OK ... -ish, but the telling: I cannot tell you why, but it grates. You know that sense of vicarious shame you get when watching some really awful performance, as if it were your fault it was so bad? Well, I was on the edge of that feeling throughout this book.

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