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Reviews of War and Peace (1869)

Review by thethomas (2010-04-21)
I've always recommended staying as far from this book as possible. I remember reading it like I remember a particular vitriolic --but long-term-- relationship with a pain-in-the-ass employee.

I can think of three 1,400 page books that I've read, loved, and finished in a week or less. This book took me three months. It lacked any flow due to the archaic language and intensely uninteresting story.

The two redeeming qualities: 1) It is a time piece, you will learn from it and 2) Leo Tolstoy is particularly skilled at representing situations (in any of his books) from multiple, realistic, human perspectives.

Review by zephyrpilot (2009-08-11)
This was one of the most interesting and definetly in depth books i have ever read. There were so many plots and characters! Within the book i found so many different mini sections, drama, comedy, military, suspense, mystery. It was without a doubt one of the best books! The size is daunting, but the length is definetly worth it. The battle scenes were so descriptive i felt as if i was the one having the memories, i can still picture the battlefields. I can still imagine myself there. Very good book

(This review refers to the 1904 version titled “War and Peace”)

Review by Excalibur2099 (2003-07-21)
This is one book whose characters and situations are so engaging and believable that I keep thinking of them as though they were memories. What Tolstoy does particularly well in this book is portray the emotions and emotional change over time of the characters, as well as make them evolve believable over a series of many years.

His characters in war are human, which I found very refreshing. They can be scared or not sure of the reason for war, or even very convinced that it is glorious, but they are believable and I could identify with their feelings.

The historical information contained in the book is also interesting and led me to read more about that time.

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