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Reviews of Mucho Mojo (1994)

Review by michael a draper (2010-08-24)
"Mucho Mojo" is a good vacation book. The story moves along nicely and it has a good plot.

Leonard Pine is surprised to learn that his uncle Chester left him $100,000. and his home. Leonard had thought that his uncle didn't approve of him because Leonard is gay.

Leonard's friend, Hap Collins is with him when he arrives at his uncle's home and finds drug dealers conducting business on his front porch.

Leonard asks Hap to move in with him and help him fix up the house and when they are doing this, they find a body of a young child in the basement along with some coupons and photos of young children in sexual positions.

At first, they think that Leonard's uncle may have been the killer and a sexual preditor but upon looking at the evidence, Pine remembers that his uncle was a cop wanna be and may have been searching for the killer. Perhaps he was leaving a message for Pine before the senility that was beginning to effect him, took hold.

The author is dealing with some significant topics, Leonard is a black man who is gay, Hap is a straight white man. This relationship is significant in their acceptance of each other. The story also deals with the problem of crack in the inner city and what that can do to a neighborhood and finally, it deals with pedophilia and child pornography.

The story is entertaining and the characters likable. Lansdale has a talent for realistic dialogue and providing an enjoyable read.

(This review refers to the 1994 version titled “Mucho Mojo”)

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