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Reviews of Absent Author, the (1997)

Review by gregchi (2008-04-29) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

This book is one of those original mystery books. This book is great for your children, as it gives your child the thinking strategy to think ahead. In this story, the author included clever ideas about the characters. The main characters were: Dink, Josh, Ruth Rosh, and Wallis Wallace. Secondary characters include: Mr. Linkletter, the bookshop owner, Officer Falloon, and others that appeared in the book. The story most started when one morning that the famous mystery writer was suppose to arrive in a bookshop but he/she did not. The detectives traced his route through the city, and worked hard with Mavis Green. The part I liked the best is the end, where the children realized that Mavis Green, who accompanied them on the journey, was Wallis Wallace (they thought it was a man but it turned out to be a woman.) Wallis Wallce wanted to see who was the real detectives and so that part, I liked the best when I was younger.

Overall, I think this book and this series would be a great mystery book to let your kid to solve. I would rate it somewhat around 9.

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