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Reviews of Swan Song (1987)

Review by chager (2006-02-26)
I read this book before I read Stephen King's The Stand. Both are similarly post-apocolyptic and epic in scope. I was a huge Stephen King fan at the time, and I must say that I loved this book much more than The Stand. MUCH more. Unfortunately, I pursued other titles by this author and never found anything else to compare to it. I inevitably recommend this book to nearly everyone I talk to that likes this genre, which I would call epic/post-apocolyptic/horror/fantasy. I would like to read this one again, in fact. I don't think I could sit still through The Stand again. I rated this a 9 out of 10.

Review by drache_gnar (2006-02-21)
Swan Song is an epic armageddon novel containing rich plots, interesting characters and a scenario so plausible (other than the mystical devil antagonist) that it is often quite frightening.
Was my favorite novel up until the time that I read American Psycho, which overthrew this juggernaut of a tale.

It major pro and major con are one in the same: it is a LONG novel. The length adds greatly to the depth, but also makes reading it a commitment.


Review by Beaver (2004-08-07)
Swan Song was very similar to Stephen King's The Stand. Both are about most of the Earth's population dying, a supernatural evil trying to destroy everything, and groups of people congregating to rebuild society or destroy it. Swan Song was an easy reading page-turner, but it didn't live up to expectations. The set-up of nuclear aftermath had a lot more potential. I thought the plot wasn't great, it was kind of schmaltzy at times. The whole thing about &quot;true faces&quot; was pretty stupid. I didn't find any of the characters to be very likable either. The ending was very hokey and pat with some unbelievable plot holes (especially the whole 7 year wait). Read The Stand instead of this. This was not nearly as good as <i>Boy's Life</i>. I wonder if that is due to McCammon's progression as a writer or because he was writing about a more personal subject. 5/10

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