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Reviews of Born in Death (2006)

Review by johnafair (2007-01-17)
This is the 24th(!) outing for Eve Dallas and her husband Rourke.

Despite this, the story is still fresh and we are learning more about Eve and Rourke. The couple, so self-assured in their day-to-day activities - Eve as the premiere homicide 'tec in New York and Rourke, if not the richest man in the galaxy - yet, is working hard on that goal. Despite, that, they have one overwhelming fear - Mavis, Eve's old time friend, is near to having having her baby and Eve's got to arrange her baby shower!! Not helped by the double murder that Eve's investigating at the same time.

The recurring jokes about Eve's and Rourke's horror over the impending birth provides a necessary leavening of humour in a book whose subject is truly horrifying. The scene between Eve and Tandy's sister, a Londoner born and bred, with Rourke acting as translator was easily one of the funniest scenes I've read this year :-)

Review by harryhermionerw (2006-12-21)
I read this book in one day. I absolutely loved it. Rather than getting old, as you would think it would seeing as it is the twenty-third of the series, it gets better and better.

We learn more and more about Eve and Rourke, and their relationship, and there are still plenty of laughs. The humor, especially the 'horror' of Rourke and Eve about Mavis being nearly ready to give birth, is needed, seeing as the case Eve is working on is truly horrible, and it gets to everybody. I can't wait to see what JD Robbs comes up with next.

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