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Reviews of Wizard's First Rule (1994)

Review by lennonidol (2009-05-21)
It has been a while since I have read this book, so this might be unreliable. This book was very adventurous and enjoyable. This book seems to have been made with it being a good story only in mind. The later books have more philosophical treasures mixed in with the storyline. This is your book if all you want is a good story, and nothing else. If you want perfection in your books, then this is not for you, unless you're only going to read the first one. But overall it is a good story to me. But then again, I like all the ethical arguments in the sword of truth series. It's like watching a live college debate team talking ethics (sometimes only a high school debate team, but still entertaining). So do the whole series if you want something to do or like ethical arguments in your stories. Though he seems to be criticizing communism as well (can you blame him?). Make your own choice.

(This review refers to the 1994 version titled “Wizard's First Rule”)

Review by mdcagle (2008-04-25)
Let me start by saying I've read all the books in this series, and it's my favorite series of all time. Wizards First Rule is a great book from cover to cover. The characters are likable, and I found myself cheering them on throughout the book. I feel the plot is solid, and the action is fast paced. Although a bit cliche', this book has all the elements to satisfy and stimulate fans of traditional fantasy including swordplay and sorcery and a rich world filled with mythical-like creatures and strong characters. I gave this book an 8/10 rating.

(This review refers to the 1994 version titled “Wizard's First Rule”)

Review by asoiaf_freak (2007-07-02)
I enjoyed this book. It was a fun read. If you don't like traditional fantasy stories, don't read this, because this is a traditional fantasy story. Most writers' first books often have a bit of a wobbly writing style at times, and this happens here. However, the plot is well-crafted. With a debut like this, I'll definitely be reading some more Goodkind soon.

(This review refers to the 1994 version titled “Wizard's First Rule”)

Review by jarndyce (2007-06-26)
It was well paced, but everything else about this is absolutely awful. The characterization, and dialogue are the worst I've ever encountered. The plot and lore is cliché. This book offers nothing.

Review by lord kallor (2004-12-16)
Discounting the others in the series this book was particualy addictive and a real page turner dispite its obvious flaws. It does go on a bit (forever and ever that is). but the charecters are likable, the plot is better than average and though cheasy, more happens in this one book than the past 5 by Robert Jordan. The latter books in the series are another matter as it draggs on and on, gettin progressivly worse. this book deserves an 8/10 but the others go downhill.

Review by LJOL (2003-07-02)
This book is a very good beginning to a very good fantasy-series. Only A Song of Ice and Fire and possibly The Lord of The Rings that I have read is better. Wizard's first rule is also the best book in the series and that earned it a 9/10 rating from me. I read it too long ago to give it a 10/10. The language is good and the plot is exciting. Unfortunately the series is too long and I think it hade been better of Goodkind to make an ending somewhere around the sixth book at least. I frankly hope that the eighth book: "Naked Empire" will at least be the beginning to the end. the first three or four books is really good and the rest aren't bad either but the quality of each book after the third is a bit lower than the one before.

But The Sword of Truth is absolutely a fantasyseries worth the reading. And this book is great.

Review by Beaver (2003-05-14)
Heavy-handed and melodramatic, as well as pretty obvious at times, and kind of cheesy. There were some plot holes as well. It was a pretty readable book though and the pages kept turning, even though I was groaning as I read. 6/10

Review by M (2003-04-02)
The premise isn’t profoundly original - a fantastic world threatened by an imperial madman whose last obstacle in domination is the collection of certain magical artifacts. You’ve also seen many of the characters before - the young unwitting hero, the mysterious woman with a dark secret, the wise old wizard, the adventurous sidekick, etc. Although this doesn’t mean that Terry Goodkind’s first ‘Sword Of Truth’ novel isn’t worth your time, an intriguing beginning sets up a time-tested tale of good vs. evil. I have a soft spot for such tales pitting the small group of adventurers against overwhelming odds, having them travel through exotic and troubled realms in their quest and Mr. Goodkind delivers such quite heartedly.

Now concentrating on the negatives certain parts ‘borderline’ cliché, others completely pass through. Also, not being very sentimental I found myself almost cringing in some of the ‘heart wrenching’ parts dealing with love and loss as I felt they went a bit overboard at times. Although the pluses far outweigh the bad and are too numerous to mention I will go ahead and give the author additional credit for his, at times, uncompromising depiction of events, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the reader (I found it to be a good thing). Mr. Goodkind also doesn’t spend much time in world building or over-defining the surroundings in his world, giving enough attention to detail to allow the reader to forge their own images and opinions, for me, this is a plus, although others may crave further description.

Overall, despite some shortfalls, the attention to detail, the seemingly in-depth research that accompanied the creation of the book, and most importantly the likable characters that draw you into their world make the journey weaved in Wizard’s First Rule one worth taking. It also ranks as one of my favorite books and holds up to the multiple readings I have given it since buying the book a year or so after it’s release.

Review by Cid (2003-03-18)
This is my favorite book bar none. It is well paced, and set in a world with alot of history. Zedd is great and so is Richard when he is pissed off:) I have this book 10 out of 10 and well deserved. Just do yourself a favor and read this book, and the rest of them they are all great.

Review by dougthonus (2003-03-08)
This is quite frankly one of the worst fantasy novels I've ever read in my life. It confounds me that this author is as popular as he is.

His writing has enough depth for quick read 300 page novels (at which point, he'd still be worse then most authors in that genre), but the problem is he writes 1200 page books without significantly developing his characters or the world. His characters are entirely unbeleavable, and hard to relate to for anyone who has any real world experience (possibly 16 year olds won't have a problem with this). His world is a joke. It's like he wanted to create a fantasy world, but got too lazy to do most of the work and decided to make it up as he went along.

Anyone who has ever really been in love will get a good laugh at the ending of this book as well. I made it through 3/4ths of the 2nd book, and saw no improvement in the author, before I just gave up on the series.

If you're looking for Epic fantasy, you'd be much better served with George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Steven Erickson, or Tad Williams.

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