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Reviews of How Few Remain (1997)

Review by johnafair (2009-02-19)
Although the basic point of departure for this novel is similar to Turtledove's 'Guns of the South', it is in fact a completely different treatment of what would have happened should the Confederacy have won the War of Secession.

General Lee manages to occupy Washington DC and gain the recognition of the Great Powers of the day. In the US, the Republican Party is virtually destroyed and a new party, the Socialists, is formed to look after the interests of the common man. The Democrats are much more militant in this Time Line and when the Confederacy buys a couple of states off a Mexican Emperor needing a vast amount of ready cash, the US thinks it's ready to even the score, but the Confederacy is ready along with it's allies Great Britain and France, who raid the US coast - the raid on San Francisco is one of the really cool bits of the book (in my opinion, of course :-)).

Dr Turtledove has gone to quite a bit of effort to produce election results for the first post war US elections in this book, based on the known demographics of our timeline, something that he has remembered not to do as the timelines diverge. Although it works perfectly well as a standalone novel, the scenario is a clear launch pad for the later trilogies set in the same timeline

(This review refers to the 1997 version titled “How Few Remain”)

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