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Reviews of Valley of Silence (2006)

Review by dreamer (2008-02-17)
A totally predictable ending for the series. Donīt expect any surprises here as the story develops just as foretold and every character get his "Happy ending". A full, if uninteresting, closure.

A couple of comments on the series (trying to avoid any spoilers):

The good:

1.- The writing is not bad and the pace is good enough to keep reading till the end. The series is not boring, is just not very exciting either.

2.- Characters are fairly convincing.

The bad:

1.- This last book fails miserably (REALLY MISERABLY) to give an explanation on WHY the characters had to do what they did, just a lousy, 2-paragraph side-note.

2.- No real story here. Just a heroes unite for task, train, travel, train some more, win the final battle, save the universe, everyone is happy ever after.

3.- The evil and fearsome foes from the book are very unlikely, behave against any common sense, fail put any of their abilities (that made them fiersome in the fisrt place) to good use. But they are EVIL indeed. There is no dept to them.

4.- This is a save-the-universe story that fails to show HOW the universe is really in any trouble.

5.- The book tries to be a love story at some points, but there is no real drama to it. Once some characters are paired up the author just skip s to the next couple to fall deeply and suddenly in love, for no particular reason, till all characters are paired.

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