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Reviews of Jennifer Morgue, the (2006)

Review by ropie (2009-08-23)
The Jennifer Morgue is another of Stross' 'Laundry' books, featuring the hapless but somehow competent secret agent Bob Howard. In this episode, Bob has to rescue the world by preventing the attempted re-awakening of one of the ancient Eldritch terrors from the deep.

This yarn was just not as good as The Atrocity Archives, unfortunately, as I had high hopes after that superb effort. It had the same steady humour and a plot replete with highly confusing occult methodology but the strong reliance on a James Bond style just didn't interest me in the same way that TAA's take on Lovecraft-with-laughs did.

Not to say that it was a bad book by any means. For the most part it was enjoyable and it had moments of tension but the overlying presence of Ian Flemming, silly gadgets and mad billionaires I found to be a bit disposable for such a talented writer.

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