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Reviews of Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women (2003)

Review by finkelstein (2007-12-02)
I always thought fairy tales were more suited for adults anyway so it did not surprise me that someone finally did it. What did surprise me was that this was so well done. The writing is exceptinally smart for a "dirty" book. I have a secret love for books in this genre, but you don't find many of this quality. The stories offer lots of variety too.

Review by buglovers (2007-07-07)
In Enchanted; Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women Nancy Madore tells her version of the classic 'bedtime stories' or fairy tales with an 'erotic twist.' Most of the stories she used are pretty commonly known.

Being a huge fan of fairy tales, but not really that much of a reader of erotica, I had mixed feelings about getting this book. I am so glad I did. There were so many things I enjoyed about it. First, the fairy tales maintained their great stories and the characters were more interesting than ever. This impressed me because I guess I expected the plot, characters and writing to take a back seat to the 'erotica.' That did not happen. The stories are told intellegently and respectfully, while at the same time being very erotic (maybe even more so because of the better writing). The language was descriptive without being graphic. I literally could not stop reading. Secondly, and even more wonderful, was the underlying moral in each of the stories. Remember those, in the originals? Well, they are here in these stories too, although they are a little different this time around. Some are subtle and others are in your face, but they all make you go, "ah hah!" They are 'written for women' according to the author, but my husband 'got it' too.

This is a feel good book that really does provide a perfect bedtime reading experience. It is fun, arousing and doesn't leave a bad after taste. I highly recommend it.

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