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Reviews of Survivor (1999)

Review by chager (2006-08-07)
I've now read the author's first four novels. The first two are my favorites so far, and between them I prefer Survivor. One of the most interesting books I've read in years. I was highly entertained by the Vonnegutesque non-linear storytelling style. Invisible Monsters was great too and took this technique to a new level, in my opinion, almost to the point of being difficult to follow, but not quite.

Review by drache_gnar (2006-04-06)
This is only my second Palahniuk novel (if you do not count the seven or so short stories I've read from Haunted).
The first book of his I consumed was Lullaby, which I found was lackluster (you can read my review on this site).
Survivor, on the other hand, was a great novel. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just say that the characters are great and that the plot is inventive and funny. Quite a few chuckles (no pun intended, seriously).

I give Survivor a 7.3/10. It fell short of a 8 because I didn't find much in the novel really grasped me or didn't give me that sort of rush near the end that a lot of novels give.
Maybe because I couldn't connect with the characters, or maybe there wasn't supposed to be one.

Either way, definately check out this novel.

Review by colz (2003-03-16)
I really enjoyed that this novel started with a believable premise. Somewhere in the middle, the plot became a bit more outlandish, detracting from my overall opinion. Still a good novel, it reminded me in some ways of Gore Vidal's <i>Messiah</i> and Robert A. Heinlein's <i>Stranger in a Strange Land</i>. <i>Fight Club</i>, the novel that put Pahlaniuk on the map, strikes me as <i>Survivor</i>'s superior.

Review by slink (2003-03-09)
While I was instantly taken by Fight Club (though I saw the movie first, I did buy all his books bar Lullaby at the same time), Survivor was the one that really gripped me, and showed me what a talent Palahniuk has. Tender's character is easy to parallel all the flaws and esteem problems in life with, and again this is one of the funniest novels ever written. Some people have a problem with the long descriptions, or instructions on how to say, remove blood stains from a shirt, but I found they actually informed you of things the characters were involved in, as well as the slave mentality of Tender Branson's character.

Review by flagman (2003-03-08)
My personal favorite of the early Palahniuk novels. Tender Branson's character is more sympathetic than mose of Palahniuk's others; and, while it's not the most twisted and interesting of his works, that extra bit of humanity really adds engagement to the story.

Review by Jorapello (2003-03-07)
A fantastic book that makes you think about reality. Not as good as Fight Club, but still on my "Great Book" shelf. Beautifully written. Tender Branson is an amazing character. . . the book is supposed to be partially about the dangers of modern schooling, where children are taught to, essentially, be drones. He gets his point across. Other concepts such as the dangers of baseless belief are explored as Tender commercializes the Creedish death cult. . . another fantastic offering from Palahniuk, that, to use a cliche, realigns your perceptions.

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