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Reviews of Jerlayne (1999)

Review by tempest_gypsy (2006-10-05)
"Jerlayne" by Lynn Abbey is a good bit different than your usual Sword and Sorcery fantasy, or from the Thomas the Rhymer usual story of Faerie. Elves do, indeed roam the mortal realm. However, they bring back objects, and raw materials, not children. And the elfin women are the builders of the world.
It's a convoluted plot that spans three (possibly four) worlds, millenia, elves, goblins, men, sirens, dwarves, gnomes, birth, secrets, lies and eventually, truth. Some of the chracters are very likable, some you just want to hit over the head, but they're all reasonably well rounded.
My only complaint with the story is that it gets so twisted in the last third that major chracters make leaps in comprehension that I just don't follow from the given text. A and B end up leading to F without spanning any of the letters in between.
Despite that, though, this book should definitely be on any fantasy readers reading list, if not bookshelf.

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