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Reviews of Burying the Shadow (1992)

Review by Sillywabbit (2003-04-03)
Burying The Shadow: This is a gothic fantasy novel about a Vampire race set in a fantasy world. I think it's important to make something clear. This book is more a fantasy novel that happens to have vampires in it; rather than a vampire book set in a fantasy world. If you want vampires then I suggest you go read Ann Rice or something coz you may be disappointed with this. If you want a gothic fantasy novel where some of the characters happen to be vampires then you may enjoy.

The story is told in the first person from the point of two characters. Gimel, one of the Eloim a vampire like race of artisans. Royojini, a Tapish soulscaper who can enter sick minds to heal. Of the two, I enjoyed Royojini better and found Gimel to be a bit dull and ill defined. The plot is interesting and well paced. The story keeps you guessing what will happen right to the end. The book is well written. The prose invoking the exotic sights, sounds and smells of the world and characters that Storm has created.

The thing I enjoyed most about this book was the world that I was in. I felt like a stranger visiting exotic lands. The exciting Sacramente! The plains of Khalt with its exotic and mystical nomads. The great Tappish mountains. The story kept me interested till the end. Though, I did think it all got a bit breathless and a little silly at the end. Not so bad as to spoil it for me though.

All in all, an enjoyable read. Not great but enjoyable enough. If you want a mysterious and gothic fantasy or just want to read something a little different or exotic then give this one a go.

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