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Reviews of Lord of the Rings, the (1954)

Review by slyce23 (2007-10-25)
The Lord of the Rings. One fantasy to rule them all. It is not my favorite book by a longshot, but truly deserves its spot as one of the hallmarks of Fiction and Fantasy. The sheer epicness, detail, and content of Tolkien's Middle Earth is staggering. The fact that he truly has created an entire world with its own mythology, geology, races, and beliefs is almost unbelievable. The story is very original for its time, and has many memorable moments. There are multi-dimensional characters, several of whom the reader can relate to. Frodo, the very small person with a big role to play, a role that very well may overtake him, is very sympathetic, and is good ground to focus on. The main characters are a likeable group with there flaws. Sauron is, in a way though, one-dimensional in that he is flat out evil. This isn't necessarily bad though. One major strong point in Tolkien's writing is his ability to visualize the locales through his writing in a clear, vivid manner. This is also, however, a problem as Tolkien gets VERY longwinded at several points in the book, making it hard for me to continue at points. This truly is an amazing book and has earned its place at the top of the fantasy charts. 9 out of 10.

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