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Reviews of His Royal Love-Child (2006)

Review by seattlesnoops (2006-07-17)
If you read Lucy Monroe’s Wedding Vow of Revenge you were first introduced to Danette Michael’s (Tara’s friend and co-worker). Danette falls under the spell of Ray who uses their relationship to further his career. He betrays Danette and Tara by taking photos in hopes of furthering his career as a reporter.

Danette accepts an offer from Angelo her former employer to move to Italy and goes to work at Scorsolini Shipping. She falls in love with the owner; Prince Marcello Scorsolini has a secret affair and becomes pregnant. Danette is tired of their relationship being a secret one and wants their relationship to go public. Marcello, on the other hand wants secrecy so that his lover won’t be hurt by the press. He knows first hand what the press can do…..the press published his sterility during his first marriage all over the tabloids. When he finds out that Danette is pregnant with his child he is ecstatic and wants marry immediately. From that moment on, Danette is unsure of their relationship, everything is moving too fast and she wants LOVE from him and doesn’t feel she can have it as Marcello still lives and mourns the loss of his first wife. Theirs is a turbulent love story and a sweet ending.

What I found so amazing about this particular book was how the author used two medical issues, sterility and a genetic spinal deformity and created such an incredibly sweet love story. This author uses these two factors plus their uncertainty of each other and what they both define as love and weaves wonderful tale.

I loved Danette’s spunk and "zippy" personality. I also felt her pain when she thought Marcello only wanted to marry her because of the baby. This couple both learn many lessons about love. They both learn “love shouldn’t be selfish and it shouldn’t hold back out of self-protection. Love shouldn’t make a woman a doormat, but it should make her strong enough to take risks she wouldn’t otherwise take.”

Monroe’s alpha male Marcello Scorsolini is proud and passionate and will take your breath away. She also incorporates the other family members into this storyline, the King, his x-wife Marcello’s mother Flavia plus his two brother’s and their wives. This book only sparks the reader’s interest to “crave” more. I can’t wait for Claudio and Therese’s story in the next book in the series.

Again, Lucy Monroe has written not just an incredible book and an incredible series for her readers and fans.

Book Summary:

Danette Michaels knew the rules when she became Principe Marcello Scorsolini’s secret mistress. There would be no marriage, no future, and no public acknowledgement. All she’d have was his hard Sicilian body and his undivided passion. At the time, it was enough.

But Danette can’t be a dirty little secret any longer. She wants all or nothing – and that means their affair is over.

Until a pregnancy test changes everything

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