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Reviews of Source of Magic, the (1979)

Review by tempest_gypsy (2007-10-01)
The Source of Magic is the second book in Piers Anthony's Xanth series. This series is usually well known for it's heavy use of puns and the resemblance of the land of Xanth to a certain North American peninsula with an oversized rodent infestation (i.e. Florida).
Bink, a Magician class Talent in a society where everyone has magic, is searching for the sourch of magic in the land of Xanth. He is escorted by two of his friends through the dangers and perils of a magical, but not at all friendly wilderness.
This book was written before Piers Anthony really got thick into the puns, and I feel it's the better for it. Bink is a more thoughtful character than some of the leads in later books, and the situation is much more complex, focusing around personal honor and ethics. There's plenty of action to keep ther eader interested, though. From Demons to Dragons, Piers Anthony covers the whole fantasy genre.

Review by bkedryna (2004-09-28)
I think this book is more fun than the first one. It is definately funnier. Wordplay is much more common. I can see how women might not like it, since the author doesn't waste any time holding back on their failings, though to be fair he does have a point and usually balances the negatives out with reasonable comments.

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