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Reviews of Da Vinci Code, the (2003)

Review by (2009-08-22)
oh, this is really another master piece.with such concernation of catholic description it brilliantly bridges the newton with the church.this book definitely is a must read.this novel surfaces the mysteries relating to the huge profile of man.

this novel regardless of all the controversies associated with it should be specified to the age group of 17+

(This review refers to the 2003 version titled “The Da Vinci Code”)

Review by ksson (2009-05-10) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

This is quite a disappointing book, for several reasons. First, the plot and
the characters are very weak. It really reads like the script for some
Hollywood film, with car chases, several good guys who turn into bad guys all
of a sudden ("haha! I was the evil guy all the time!") and a ridiculous love
story between the main protagonists. I actually liked the main idea of the
book (Jesus being married to Mary Magdalena), but its connection with the plot
is really weak.

For me, the most disappointing part of the book was that almost all what was
presented as historical facts in the book is actually wrong. This ranges from
the number of glass panes in the louvre pyramid or basic knowledge of
renaissance paintings to the "priory of sion", which has been founded in 1956,
and not in 1099 :) This was really annoying, but it was also fun to find out
about the "real history" using wikipedia :)

I must concede, however, that the book is a "page turner", it really invites
you to switch your brains off and just read. However, Brown shouldn't claim
that the book is based on facts (as he apparently did).

Review by ksciranko (2007-11-18)
This is the first book that I actually volunteered to pick up from the library and read (that was greater than 200 pages). I don't truly understand why everybody is so gloom on this book (and movie). The book was spectacular and the movie was pretty good, although both were above average in length I might add.

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
Before I start, I want to preface this review with the following statement: I did truly enjoy this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

Having said that, I would like to base most of my review on debunking some of the hype that surrounds this novel.

As I stated above, I did enjoy this book. My problem is all of the hype that surrounds it. It has been called "pure genious" and the author referred to as brilliant among many other rave reviews. I feel that some of these comments are a bit overdone. Has Mr. Brown written a thouroughly researched and well written thriller? Yes, indeed he has. Is it "one of the finest mysteries that I've ever read"? No, I don't feel that it is.

I think that the majority of praise and mystique that surrounds this novel is the delicate and controversial subject matter that is its core. Take away the core theme that Brown presents about the Catholic faith, and you still have a solid thriller with some good plot twists, but not one that's any more well written than a James Patterson or a Michael Crichton. I believe that Brown belongs with these two in the upper-echelon of thriller authors, but I do not feel that his work has transcended above them.

Anyway, that's my two-cents worth. My advice, if you are someone who has not read The Da Vinci Code yet, is to wait for it to finally be released in paperback, or check it out from your local library.

Review by laurajune (2006-07-13)
This book is horrific, truly. The main characters bumble from place to place as if marionettes in a terrible children's play. Dan Brown seems to think his readers have no intelligence of their own, and so he proceeds to over explain every last detail until the reader literally couldn't care less what is happening. One of the worst crime novels I've ever read.

Review by RicDod (2006-06-10)
This is a very enjoyable work of fiction. The plot is gripping and its a real page turner. However, Brown's claim that it is all based on fact weakens the story, as some of the contents are simply too incredible. I really enjoyed reading this book but at the end I was left feeling very unfulfilled.

Review by harryhermionerw (2006-05-31)
I really loved this story. I love mystery, codes, and mayhem, and this one really was all three. I've read the first Robert Langdon book, Angels and Demons, and it while it was a good book, Da Vinci Code really 'sucked me in' and I could not put down the book! I can't wait until Dan Brown's next book, and this book is defiently on my 'favorite books' list!

Review by popo (2006-03-19)
This book is a quick read with lots of interesting stuff for people who are unaware of religious conspiracy theories. The characters were basic...sometimes too painfully basic, and the writing was far from becoming poetry. Most of the time it felt formulaic and forced. Sometimes the informatory sessions stuck out a bit too much from the flow, such as when the reader is learning some minor details by having Langdon flashback to his lectures at Harvard. I don't want to be reminded of school while I'm procrastinating! But I suppose it 'works' as a device for informing the reader about some interesting details. The plot was alright...I didn't really find the ending as revelating as it was made out to be, and there is q particularly boring police chase in the middle that I just wanted to get over with.
The author made big claims about doing a lot of research, and it shows. There's a whole lot of information which seems disconnected at first, but it joined together (quite cunningly) around the central concept (something that astonished me very much). Whether it's all true or simple speculation I cannot say. Still, the concept holding the book together is interesting, and the details mold around it nicely. 6(good)/10

Review by method man (2005-12-16)
I read this book in two days, due to the interest it held. This book gave me a inside to things which may well exist, but people aren't supore to know about.
Dan Brown did a good job making the characters belivable, apart from a touch to much luck on the "good guys" side. Many people seem to mock the book in a big way, but I didn't think it was that bad as what others express.
I also belive the movie The DaVinci Code is coming out next year, May 2006, which will be quite a treat to me when I see it.
But back to the book, I probably wouldn't go out and buy a copy for your own bookshelf, but maybe lone a copy, or pay a visit to the library. After all I can't imagine it being that hard to locate a copy of this interesting book,The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown.

Review by ratbas (2005-07-15)
First: Read Angels & Demons by the same author (Da Vinci Code is actually a sequel). This will give you a little more insight into the main character and it's very much the same style.

This is very enjoyable pulp, a quick read with some great scene-jumping. A little predictable in parts, certainly not the deepest characters. The only parts of it that really bothered me involved product placement.

Review by scouser87 (2005-07-06)
I've just got around to reading this book and I am quite impressed. It has a great plot and more than enough twists and turns to make it more than just exciting. I recomend to those who have strong religious beliefs and are offended by anything said contrary to their NOT to read this belief. If your just looking for a good read, i would definetly suggest this book.

Review by predsy (2005-03-23)
I had bought this book when it first came out but never got round to reading it, until a friend of mine told me how great it was, so I decided to give it a go as well.
Personally, I think The Da Vinci code is brilliant! I could hardly put it down. And I'll never look at the Mona Lisa in the same way again...

Review by libra98uk (2005-01-10)
I was given this book by a friend who had just finished reading it. She was totally enthralled with the story content. But as she is not a very prolific reader of novels, I took her enthusiasm with a pinch of salt. Well, not any more, if she gives me another book with the same response! This author is not one I would have chosen myself, unless I was stuck for reading material on holiday. My preferences run to horror, namely James Herbert or Stephen King. This book was a delight to read. The pace drew me into the story. There were plenty of twists, turns and clues and descriptive, interesting facts. Although based on true facts on the whole, it is a work of fiction, but you could be forgiven for believing it was happening. I will definitely look for other books by this author, if not in this genre.

Review by Beaver (2004-05-01)
The Da Vinci has been hugely hyped, so I finally got around to seeing what it was all about. It was a good thriller - a real page turner and very readable with lots of cliff-hangers and short chapters. It was thought-provoking with lots of interesting knowledge and age old conspiracies. I had already heard a lot of the theories Brown uses before, so it wasn't all that shocking to me. On the negative side, I thought Brown's writing was rather substandard. It was very pulpy, with very shallow, caricatures rather than real characters. Brown's idea of character depth is having the lead be afraid of tight spaces and wear a Mickey Mouse watch. Instead of focusing on characters, Brown concentrates on plot with lots of exposition (albeit interesting exposition). Some of the writing was very kludgy, especially all the flashbacks and the build up to the secrets. I did like a lot of the trivia and factoids. I will have to read up more on Da Vinci, the knights templar, the holy grail, the Priory of Sion, and the lost gospels. 8/10

Review by Zacynthus (2004-04-20)
The Da Vinci code is a good mystery/adventure novel. It is not spectatcular but it makes for an interesting and gripping read. The history and symbology in the book is interesting and at times intriguing, however one must keep in mind at all times that this is a work of fiction and that artistic license has been taken. Worth reading.

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