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Reviews of Transmetropolitan: Lonely City (2002)

Review by polarisdib (2009-02-22)
Wooo, what a rush!

Spider Jerusalem has finally gotten comfortable in the city, and by comfortable I mean he still spits vitriol at the very thought of it, but at least most of the development doesn't involve him adjusting to the new life anymore. Things haven't cleared up with the Filthy Assistants, but the three are a sweet little group of friends. And now, finally, things are getting down and dirty and damned serious.

The smiler is elected and Jerusalem's fame has ascended him too far beyond the streets to see them. A curiously inept police situation strikes Spider's fancy, leading to riots and conspiracy. Of all the Transmet books I've read so far, this one seems to be the one with the most disturbing cliffhanger. Things aren't going quite well for Spider Jerusalem.

If you haven't read this series, get crackin'.


Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
A little slow to start off in my opinion.

The first two stories, amounting to about a third of the volume is dedicated to an interview with spider and a long monologue by spider as well. Both I found to a little to preaching and not as exciting as the normal style Ellis and Robertson tend to use.

The volume does redeem itself though, the rest of it is quite exciting to read and the story is really starting to build up in this volume. It also includes a short introduction by patrick stewart wich is somonewhat amusing. Definitely worth the read.

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