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Reviews of Transmetropolitan: The New Scum (2002)

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
So awesome you'll die if you don't read it.

Read this! For the love of all that is good and wholesome in the world. I read this one in 20 minutes and am beating myself in the head for not checking out the next one in the series. This series has basically put all my other reading on hold. The books just seem to get better and better and draw you in more and more.

This volume, like the last, is dealing with the election of the Beast vs. the Smiler. Ellis and Robertson also introduce a recurring theme throughout this volume. Flashing the readers with a full paged panel and a small amount of text that just gives a small image of some of the people in the city. i found this method to be quite powerful in grabbing the readers attention and drawing them further into this world they have created. I cant stress this enough. Read this series. I don't care if your twelve and should be reading anything with loads of violence, profanity and nudity. Read it! Ok I've made my peace. Carry on.

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