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Reviews of Transmetropolitan: Lust for Life (1999)

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
Lust for life, The Second Volume in the Transmetropolitan Series, by Warren Ellis and Ilustrated by Darick Robertson picks up basically where the previous volume, Back on the streets, left off.

I don't really feel like summarising where the author starts you off from the last volume, it's a short enough read that its worth just finding out for yourself. Like the previous novel, Ellis uses the crude character of spider to hint at some of our current social and political problems. A big theme in this volume seems to be religion.

One can also look forward to some new characters in this volume and some insight into spiders past before he left for the mountain. I didn't find this volume to be as enjoyable as the first, and having read the third already I have to say it's low on my list of the transmet series, but I would still recommend reading it so one can understand the proceeding volumes. Still a good one, which will at the least keep you chuckling.

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