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Reviews of Alchemist, the (1988)

Review by ojns (2008-07-10)
With this book Paulo Coelho show us how easy it can be done. The book is fantastic and I don't know that person who don't love this book. Everyone who can read should read this book. The story is so simple, but still so hard. When I read it I wondered why someone else don't had writhed it before. It feels like you have know the story all the time.

Review by eriksonmobile (2008-07-08)
I don't know what all the fuss is about... almost everybody seems to know (of) the book and seemingly everyone loves it - the main reason for that must be its simplicity and its short lenght.
To m the book did not offer anything new. It is a nice tale about finding yourself - but it can't exceed "nice."

Review by astfraeilifu (2008-03-17)
Rarely I have come across books that are captivating from literally the first page. This one was a surprise for me. I could not put it down! It is an amazing book, great story and at the same time not a very complicated one. It reveals deep truths in a simple way, showing that the most important and the greatest things in life are not complicated if you look for them in the depths of your heart.

Review by hammad (2006-08-19)
The book is deeply engrossing. Once again, Coelho has outdone himself. His writing is a thing of beauty and is unmatched by any author writing for this genre. The Alchemist takes you within the book and after that, you are a part of the story. You have to read it no matter what. He gives you no other choice and thus, you are trapped inside the world of Paulo Coelho. This book is a MUST read!!!

Review by maryam (2006-01-26)
Paulo Coelho is a phenomenal writer. While reading The Alchemist your heart and mind speaks to you. You recall your past experiences and your personal ledgen. You will feel awaken and motivated .I recommend this novel should be read more than once in order to get more meanings out of it as there are alot of little things in this novel to learn from and apply in our daily some philosopher said its not about how many books you get through but how many books get through you.

Review by Penfold (2003-03-23)
Santiago is on the search for treasure, after having a recurring dream that tells him to go to the pyramids of Egypt he is on his way. On his journeys he experiences lots of people and experiences new things.

Paulo Coelho has done it again with The Alchemist, the story is simple, yet it will speak to your heart in a way you would not feel is possible. If you have not read any of Paulo's books before, then this is the one to start with. If you have read some of his books before, then I guarantee that he will enlighten even you with this gem.

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