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Reviews of Nymphos of Rocky Flats, the (2006)

Review by sTalking_Goat (2006-07-08) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

I normally don't bother with vampire books anymore. This is because the genre, unfortunately has gotten to the point where its so emmensly popular that anything with vampires (or werewovles) in it gets published, yet a very small percentage is even worth reading.

I picked this book because I thought for some reason it would be one of the few. It's not.
Nymphos isn't a bad book, it definitely has its moments. Unfortunatley it suffers from a story that seems to want to distinquish itself in the genre by a type of literally one-upmanship, tossing in everything from the genre and then Area 51/UFOs for a chaser, yet it still manages to be a somewhat a of letdown.

The protagonist Felix Gomez for example, has to be the lamest vampire in the genre's history. He can hypnotize people with his eyes, see their auras, levitates, turns into a wolf, and has hightened senses, yet near the beginning of the book he gets a jumped and knocked unconscious by a guy with some pepper spray and a tire iron. Later on in the book Felix, an ex US Army seagent with combat experience, makes quite possibly the stupid method of entry into a building he knows if full of people waiting to kill him. The book is riddled with inconsistenes and plot driving coincidences.

Acevedo has produced an unimpressive debut. Here's hoping he does better the next time around.

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