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Reviews of Giver, the (1993)

Review by wardrop (2010-01-06)
"The Giver" was the first novel I had ever read that presented the perfect world riddled with so much wrong; the concept had never been known to me. I first read the book when I was twelve, and oh so many years later, it still remains one of the best I've ever read, especially one that was the first blow to my "perfect ending" formula.
The novel is written to the point--easy for young adult readers--yet powerful enough to invoke the same emotions the characters experience. The ending, especially, is the most unifying and perfect ending I may have ever read; I just pretend no sequels exist, and my sublime, early adolescent love of the perfect novel is not shattered.
Even though this book is for young adults, I would recommend it to anyone. Short, not-so-sweet, and strong in its message, "The Giver" is my all-time favourite story.

Review by speciabilitator (2006-11-15)
"The Giver" is a very interesting book. It starts off as though in the middle--which is actually quite clever, to confuse you. It is hard to try and write a review without giving the whole book away, so I'll just recommend it. It's well written, even though I feel like the book was just taken out of a large book, leaving the beginning in that large book and the end. I think my teacher felt that way as well when we were assigned to write a last chapter, to kind of round the end off nicely. But I won't go into that, you can see for yourself when you read it.
It's a very short read--if you're prepared to comprehend everything. It is not predictable at all (at least in my opinion) so you'll have fun trying to guess what will happen next, or what will happen in the end.
Over all, I recommend this book. It's enjoyable, short, and satisfying. Or pretty much, anyway.

Review by nzilla (2003-03-19)
The Giver was one of the first science fiction books I ever read. The society, dystopian and utopian at the same time, is convincing, and to make a blurb, provocative. The protagonist is very well developed, especially for a children's novel. My only complaint is that the book really just seems like the first few chapters of a longer epic. The entire book is basically just a description of Jonas's world with a conflict tacked on in the end. The ending is also completely open ended, which would've been fine had more actual stuff happened in the novel. There recently was a "sequal", Gathering Blue, which is basically identical to this novel, but the society is different and the main character is a girl. Supposedly, there is going to be a third novel, which is supposed to explain more of the story and tie things together. 7/10

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