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Reviews of Velocity (2005)

Review by nowirehangers (2007-01-27)
A bartender named Billy finds a note on the windshield of his car, saying if he doesn't take the note to the police, its writer will kill a schoolteacher, and if he does take the note to the police, he will kill an elderly woman. Billy thinks it's a hoax, but after a schoolteacher is killed, he keeps getting new notes.

It's a great premise. There is character development when Billy, originally passive, realises that he can try to do something about the situation he's in. But for the most part, the moral dilemma is left unexamined, and the glimpses into Billy's childhood trauma doesn't seem to have much bearing on the main plot. On the plus side, it doesn't contain any of the moralizing that Koontz sometimes fills his books with.

Koontz doesn't quite manage to create that claustrophopic feeling that I've come to expect from his books, where the whole world seems to be against you, with nowhere to turn for help. So it's not among Koontz' best books, but it's still a pretty good thriller, and it's an extremely quick read. Weak four stars.

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