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Reviews of Quinton (1989)

Review by johnafair (2009-02-19)
To be fair, this is not really a *bad* novel, and the story is reasonably OK. However, it's that 'reasonably' that's the downfall of the book (I rated it 4/10). Quinton's story had been told a myriad of times by the time the book was published and there is no real scense of suspense as he begins his rise to power. Oh, much is made of how his forces are outnumbered or how a defeat would destroy the hopes of Quinton's peoples.

Unfortunately, the author does not let his heroes really look like they would suffer such a defeat and he make it clear almost right from the start that Quinton's empire would go on and become a star spanning haven of peace and honesty.

(This review refers to the 1989 version titled “Quinton”)

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