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Reviews of Foreigner (1994)

Review by didner (2004-03-16)
Foreigner has an extended prologue which sets the background, then skips several hundred years into the future on a planet where humans have been forced to settle, much to the chagrin of the local population. Bren Cameron is the single human diplomat allowed in the court of the main governing entity of the Atevi and has to navigate an alien political environment as well as the human beauracracy in order to maintain the peace and enable the continuing co-existence of these neighbors.
Having said that, the real gem here is looking over Bren's shoulder as his routine job becomes the critical lynchpin in the geopolitcs of that world. The Atevi are a truly alien race with different perceptions of the universe and we learn about them as Bren does.
One of the few books I've ever re-read. Heartily recommended!

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