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Reviews of Proven Guilty (2006)

Review by ziggy222 (2009-08-17)
This is pretty much another typical Dresdan book... which at the least means AWESOME! Another great addition to the series. When a daughter of a friend is in trouble, who you gonna call... Dresdan of course. People die and some real time baddies from Fae come in to play... And of course through thick and thin, Harry Dresdan comes to wage war on evil with magic, guns, and most importantly and sarcastic humor to keep things light. Lighter anyway.

Review by elly2009 (2006-09-04)
This book is the best yet out of a series that just continues to get better.

Harry Dresden, wizard and now Warden as well, is having a little trouble adjusting to his new duties as a Warden. He does, however, enjoy the regular paycheck. Things around town begin to look a little more menacing, though, when the Gatekeeper, an important and mysterious member of the White Council of wizards, sends Harry a note informing him that there has been some black magic around town that he should look into. With that vague warning in mind, Harry is called on by the daughter of a friend to help get her, and her boyfriend, out of trouble. Her boyfriend has been accused of attacking a man at a horror movie convention, even when its clear he didn't do it. Its obvious that there is something far more sinister going on when more people are attacked...and killed.

The development of Harry's character is taken even farther in this book. I absolutely loved every minute it took to read this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sense of humor even when the going gets rough.

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