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Reviews of Hannah (2006)

Review by zankoku (2006-07-11) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

Hannah is an exciting and gritty story of the American frontier showing the dangers that the pioneers had to deal with. Shannon's story shows the trauma of a young woman who is deprived of her husband, bargained for life by her brother in law and finally brutally used by some very dangerous hombres.

While blocking out the trauma as it took place, Shannon weaves a tale showing that Hannah does what she needs to do to bring justice to the murders and rapists. Along the way, she meets people who befriend her and help her through her trials. As she develops these friendships, she never loses sight of her vow to Caleb, her dead husband. Nor does she forget the vow she made to an orphan baby whose mother is gunned down by the same men that Hannah is after.

Not only does she find the men she is looking for, she finds that revenge is not that simple and ends up in almost as bad a predicament as when she started. Shannon's portrayal of a Texas girl is so well written that the next exciting scene is sprung on you before you know it.

Hannah’s travel through the whorehouses, the Law West of the Pecos frontier courts, the not so religious church leaders and the good men and women will hold the reader spellbound. Fans of a good tale can pull on their boots, step into the creaking leather of a saddle and ride the dusty trail with Hannah on her search. Life was hard in the west and Shannon does not sugar coat it, showing the hardness and the violence of a lawless territory where justice is at the end of a gun or a rope.

So travel back into our history, throw a lasso around Hannah and lean back in your saddle and read.

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