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Reviews of People: No Different Flesh, the (1967)

Review by clong (2007-09-16)
When I picked this collection up at the used book store about all I knew about Zenna Henderson was that she hadn't written much, and that her People stores had a fervent and loyal following. And while I can't say that these stories will become cherished favorites, I'm certainly glad that I read this book.

As I was reading the first few stories I kept thinking "well I've heard this story many times before" but I'm guessing that is precisely because these simple, powerful originals have been copied many times over.

This is a truly distinctive voice in scifi. It's hard to think of another author in the genre who is so perfectly, profoundly different from, say, Isaac Asimov. This is science fiction without science. Instead, these are character driven stories of personal growth and triumph, stories that always pack an emotional wallop--that hit you right between the eyes with a empathetic two-by-four. And these are stories where the conflicts are generally those within ourselves or those provided by mother nature.

It's quite obvious that Henderson was a devout Christian--the stories are suffused with a pervasive Faith in a gentle, caring, benevolent Presence (without ever being the slightest bit preachy).

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