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Reviews of Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three, the (1987)

Review by christopherborne (2006-03-06) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

Not as good as The Gunslinger, this is nonetheless a good read. Our lone warrior is not so lone as he draws fellow soldiers from our world. The first, Eddie Dean, a heroin addict, he draws from the drug ravaged New York of 1987. The second he draws has split personality disorder, one side being a noble wheel-chaired civil rights worker, the other being a ridiculous black sterotype. The third door Roland enters into our world enters into Jack Mort, a remorseless killer, the man responsible for both the death of Jake and the handicapping of Odetta Holmes. Roland ends Mort's life under the same train that removed Odetta's legs, but Roland creates a paradox when he prevents Jack from ending Jake's life. Thus begins Dark Tower 3: The Waste Lands

Review by nosleep (2003-03-09)
The writing style of this book falls more in line with what a reader would normally expect of King. Much more descriptive, this volume of the Dark Tower series sacrifices some of the dreamlike feeling of Roland's world as we came to know it in the Gunslinger to a harder and more concrete reality. As Roland ventures into our world of different whens to "draw" "The Prisoner". "The Lady of Shadows" and the "the Pusher".

While this probably my least favorite of the four that are out so far, its still a great book, and alot of fun to read. I can still hear the approach of the lobstrocities, Did a Chick? Dud a Chum.

Anyway, King brilliantly crafts three new characters for his opus and intertwines the stories very well, creating a man you can only pity, a woman who leaves you uncertain, and someone you will love to loathe.

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