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Reviews of Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honour of Asimov (1989)

Review by johnafair (2009-02-19)
These stories all take some aspect of Asimov's works and have their own take on the situation. Inevitably, the majority have focused on the Foundation Universe (within which I'm including the Lije Baley story, 'Strip-Runner'), and while these include my three favourites out of the anthology, 'Strip-Runner' above, 'Trantor Falls' and 'The Originist' of which the latter two are my most favourite in the whole book, they include 'Foundation's Conscience', which, let us say, wasn't :-).

A couple of the stories actually feature Asimov himself: Connie Willis's 'Dilemma', which features a relatively old Asimov resolving a romantic entanglement between his secretary and his accountant - clearly written with a degree of humour, there was a layer of sadness in that the Good Doctor had died before I'd read the story... The second story to feature the Doctor was Frederik Pohl's 'Reunion at the Mile-High' where he assumes an alternate history where Doctor Asimov had played a prominent part in ending the second world war and didn't end up being so busy writing...

Barry Malzberg's 'The Present Eternal' has an interesting take on just when the Past Begins.

(This review refers to the 1989 version titled “Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honour of Asimov”)

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