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Reviews of Anubis Gates, the (1983)

Review by voralfred (2007-03-11)
Well, I disagree with sqbr who says "Not especially deep though". I found this book very deep.
Time travel is always very tricky to deal with. Even such great authors as Isaac Asimov may have trouble with time-travel paradoxes (see my review on "End of Eternity") But here I found that Tim Powers did a fantastic job of dealing with the paradoxes. The story is gripping, the main characters are deep and complex. The villains are maybe a bit caricatural, but then, there is a lot of humor in this book, so some amount of self-derision can explain that.
It is a book that really counted for me.

Review by sqbr (2003-07-07)
A pretty good fantasy adventure story, with both the fantasy and the adventure done well.
Hints of the horrific, though nothing too nightmare inducing. Not especially deep though.

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