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Reviews of Assassin's Quest (1997)

Review by kingp35 (2006-08-31)
I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the final book of the series but only because the two books before this were of such a high standard.

One of the main plots running through the series was the raidings of the Red Ship Raiders and the Forging of six duchies folk. Sadly though this book never goes into any detail behind the reasoning for the forging and raids bar a single page. It leaves you feeling slightly cheated.

The ending of the book is very weak. Fitz plays a very small part in the cleansing of Buckkeep and we are treated to very little action and suspense in the end. Fantasy books usually finish in a grand finale but this book was lacking.

There were obviously some good points to the book. The Fools character was developed well and I liked the intorduction of Starling and Kettle, I felt they added to the stroy well.

Overall it was an enjoyable read but just not quite up to the same standards as the previous two books.


Review by archaic (2006-05-16)
I found myself often very intrigued while reading this book and couldn't wait to read the next chapter. This book had several twists to it that will keep the reader reading. The characters lack a little of the personality they had in the first two books. I found myself disappointed with the ending of this book. I was hoping that Fitz would play a larger in cleansing of Buck. The storyline was strong throughout the book and enjoyable. Although i was disappointed with the ending I still thoroughly enjoyed the book and series.

Review by clong (2004-04-05)
I enjoyed the first two books of the Farseer trilogy immensely, but found this conclusion to be overly longwinded and ultimately unsatisfying.

Some judicious editing could easily have cut 100 pages and made it a better read. I didn't feel prepared for the the nature of the Elderlings; in a way the very nature of the fantasy world Hobb was creating seemed to shift about two thirds the way through this book. To the extent that the nature of forging and the motivation of the red ship raiders was ever explained I found the explanation confusing and unconvincing. As this book progressed I found FitzChivalry and Kettricken and Verity all becoming less sympathetic as characters.

Not to say that this third book of the series was completely without merit. I especially enjoyed the development of the Fool's character. But it doesn't live up to the very high expectations created by the first two books of the series. Overall, I would recommend the trilogy, but with regrets that it didn't really achieve the great potential of the first two books.

Review by Beaver (2004-02-22)
The Farseer trilogy is one of the best fantasy series I've read...right up there with George R.R. Martin. The characters were excellent...very detailed and extremely well drawn. The characters are very human - you can see them evolve and can come to care about them very easily. The main character, Fitz, was especially good. He was very rough around the edges during his coming of age. The books also had great plots, full of intrigue, that keep you guessing and flipping though pages madly to find out what happens next. At some points, I could literally not put the book down...staying up until 3 am to finish the book. I liked the non-tradional ending to the series.

10/10 for the series.

Review by Pug (2003-09-02)
Bittersweet finale to the farseer trilogy. Wow what a great series. This one is right up there with the best i have read.

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