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Reviews of World of the Impossible (1998)

Review by johnafair (2006-03-11)
The action in this book seems to take a while to get started as we follow the adventures of a party of adventurers from Earth as they travel to World of the Impossible.

J.B., James Beaufort, M.A., Bs.Phy. Oxon., had come up with a theory to explain ghosts; they were all that could be sensed on this plane of existance of another reality and with dilligence, and a lot of power, he builds a device that allows him to pass through to this alternate world.

After some exploration, he feels that it would be safer to travel this world with a proper party and so a diverse collection of people are recruited to fill out the places on this expediton. JB as the Magician; Anne Ramsbottom as The Lady Anne Wilmont; and Stephen Sinclair as the Silver Knight Sir Stephen St Clare, Count of Camberley, Lord of Rochdale. And various other members of the party for support.

JB, having managed to obtain a mass of weapons, reckons they shouldn't have problems with the locals, even though the local King, Ludwig of Londel is protected by a powerful Magician. But JB equated a lack of technology with stupidity, and while the masses were a superstitious rabble, the King and his magician could see that the newcomers' powers were nothing but machines of an unfamiar design, and when the king takes a fancy to the Lady Anne, the Silver Knight finds the laws of chivalry give him no option but to go up against the worst that Woti can throw at his party.

It's when Sir Stephen goes on his quest that the book comes alive with a tale of daring that would not be out of place in the annals of the Round Table of old.

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