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Reviews of Also People, the (1995)

Review by johnafair (2006-02-26)
This was Ben's second Doctor Who novel and while it doesn't feel as if it has the sheer anarchic joy about it that _Transit_ does, it is still a fun read. Actually, saying that it doesn't have an anarchical feel is a bit unfair as, like Iain M Banks's Culture stories, the People's society is a post scarcity type and while it isn't as widespread as the Culture, the People can do almost anything they like, though that treaty with the Time Lords was a bit wearing, and if the Doctor was acting as an inspector for his people, it might be best if were... persuaded to keep clear from certain other visitors. And if he wasn't, then no one would mind if he suffered an accident.

Afterr all, God wasn't omnipotent, qiute...

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