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Reviews of 4th of July (2005)

Review by michael a draper (2015-07-19)
Det. Lt. Lindsay Boxer, SFPD is with friends from the women's murder club when her former partner tells her that there is a lead on a vehicle from the scene of a murder. After a chase of the vehicle, a shootout ensues. Lindsay and her partner are both shot, one of the two teenagers in the car is killed and the other injured.

After Lindsay's release from the hospital from her injuries, she learns that the father of the twenagers in the chase is suing her for wrongful death, excessive use of force and police misconduct.

This is a very timely topic. If only the teenagers were black the headlines would have been horrific. However Lindsay is put on leave while the case comes to trial.

During this time, she travels to her sister's home not far from San Francisco. While there a true policeman's or policewoman's holiday takes place. A number of murders take place in Half Moon Bay and Lindsay offers her expertise in an attempt to solve the murders.

This is a great book for a summer read. Fast moving action, a good protagonist, her dog, Penelope, a large Vietnamese potbellied pig and a number of murders.

Not much character development but it's not really necessary, most of us have read of Lindsay Boxer and the women's murder club. (Although they aren't a factor in this story.) Some well placed surprises and a clever novel to read.

(This review refers to the 2005 version titled “4th of July”)

Review by StefanY (2007-08-24)
This is a typical James Patterson book, but nothing really special. As in most of his books, 4th of July is a good read. It held my attention throughout and I had trouble putting it down as usual. However this is not his strongest offering. I found some of the events in the book to be a little contrived in that so many things happen to be inter-related. I also was able to quickly figure out some of the major "twists" fairly early on, so I wasn't constantly trying to figure things out because I already knew mostly what was going on.

All in all, I would recommend 4th of July to Patterson fans, especially those that are following the Women's Murder Club series. It was an enjoyable book, but let's hope that The 5th Horseman brings us back to the normally high standard of thriller that I'm accustomed to from Mr. Patterson.

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