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Reviews of Thousandfold Thought, the (2006)

Review by clong (2006-05-27)
In many ways this conclusion to The Prince of Nothing is stunningly good, brilliantly imaginative in a way that brings to mind Steven Erikson. Bakker's brutally compelling world that is fresh, surprising, consistent, and deep. His descriptive language is nothing less than astonishing. His ability to capture the epic pageantry of battle is superb. And he makes you feel the tormented questioning of his characters.

And yet this is military fantasy that frequently fumbles its strategy, tactics, and logistics. I found myself constantly frustrated by a sense that battles simply wouldn't be fought this way, and campaigns wouldn't be run this way, and armies couldn't be supplied this way. Which isn't to deny that these battles are beautifully described, and clearly take the plot where Bakker wants it to go.

And by the halfway point of this third book of the series I was finding it hard to find sympathy for any of the admittedly interesting cast of characters. Kellhus' ability to read and manipulate even the best of normal men and women is both logical and organic within the story, but at times it just seemed too easy. Fortunately things picked up in the last 150 pages or so, and the book certainly finished with a sustained bang.

Overall, a very impressive, if in some ways flawed, debut trilogy from Bakker.

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